Friday, 6 April 2012

ELF Haul, with their Mystery Box!

Recently ELF did a special deal for reaching so many likes on Facebook...300,000 maybe?..where with a minimum order of £10 they gave a mystery parcel worth a minimum of £10.  I've done a deal like that before and wasn't overly impressed with the products I got...but this time I'm super chuffed!!  

I'll start off with what I bought and follow on with the added treats...  I apologise for the glitter in some of the photos.  I was making someone's birthday card and glitter just got everywhere!

Eyelid Primer £1.50
I love this eyelid primer, so much I bought two.  They do coloured ones, but I don't quite understand them? & this works perfectly!!  I definitely recommend because look at the price!

Mineral Eyeshadow: Elegant £3.50
If ELF ever die as a company, I will literally spend however many hundreds of pounds on buying their entire stock of this.  It's such a pretty pale, shimmery colour that is perfect for an everyday look, and perfect for work too!  & it stays on all day with the above primer.  & guys have complimented me on it, the male species!  Please don't buy this, it's all for me!

Foundation Brush £1.50
My current amazing Champneys foundation brush is dying on me, so I bought this for when it really does pop it's clogs.  I have used this before, and £1.50 it's really good, and nice and soft.

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils: Plum Passion & Iconic Ivory £1.50 each
I've recently got a purple streak in my fringe so to compliment it I've been wearing either a little bit of purple eyeshadow, or a purpley lipstick.  So, I thought I'd invest in a purple eyeliner.  & I don't own a white eyeliner so I bought one too.  I like shimmery eye makeup too.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick: Pink Lemonade £1.50
I've never tried this product before, but I checked out some swatches and this shade looked pretty nice so I'll give it a go. :)

Nail Polish: Lilac £1.50
I hate the colour lilac.  Odd reason: my favourite type of purple is a dark, or a deep purple.  To me, lilac is a wishy washy purple wannabe and it's a colour that makes me angry.  Does anyone else have a colour that makes you kinda angry?  Anyway I've decided to give it a chance for this nail polish as I've seen a few NOTD posts with lilac nails and quite liking them....we'll see how well we get on...

Mystery Free Gifts!!

Cream Eyeliner: Punk Purple £3.50
This is the most gorgeous purple (the type I was talking about before)!!  It even comes with a little brush.  Cannot wait to use it, as it'll go with my hair beautifully haha.

Super Glossy Lip Shine: Goddess £1.50
I've used this shade before and it's really pretty, so I'm glad I got it again :)

Brightening Eye Colour: Nymph Dreams £1.50
I think these colours well go will with my mushy greeny bluey eyes, and I love natural brown tones so I got lucky here.

Bamboo Contour Brush £5.50
This is from ELF's mineral line.  I have used this already and it's amazing!  I've never used a contour brush before so I have nothing to compare it too, but it does the job so so if you're considering buying on, I reccommend.  & I will repurchase I think.

So my mystery gifts came to a value of £12 which I think is absolutely brilliant, and I will use absolutely everything.  Better than any beauty box haha.  Let me know if you've used anything I've bought and what you think.

Goodbye for now lovely readers xxx


  1. Nice haul! I really should give a try to ELF... Maybe one day...
    BTW, thanks for following me ;)

    1. Definitely! So so cheap and most of their products are fantastic quality. Quite often their facebook page give discount codes when they reach a certain number of fans.

      & no worries, I loved your blog! x