Saturday, 17 March 2012

Whipsnade Zoo Haul!

Anyway, I purchases a few thingies in the gift shops which I thought I'd share with you.  :)

I thought this headband and ring were lovely.  I'll really enjoy wearing them in the spring!  I was never a huge fan of fabric rings/jewellery but this one I think does actually look like a flower rather than a bundle of fabric.

How cute is this!?  I didn't get a picture of the clasp but it clasps tight shut.  I don't have a wish to go inside... "I wish for nothing, I can get by, I know so many less lucky than I..." Name that film for brownie points. :)

I overestimated the heat of the sun that day, and went out wearing a vest top and 3/4 length cropped denim jacket so was freezing and grumpy.  I saw these lovely feathery fellas and immediately cheered up.  They're sooo warm.  At the time I was quite gutted there was no cheesy 'Whipsnade Zoo' logo on it's probably for the best...

I love meerkats!  I have sooo many meerkat teddies.  I hate the "simples!" meerkats as it was thanks to them meerkats became a craze....they were my craze first!!  Haha.  I was actually really good and put these fellas back on the shelf as I'm trying to a bit more money conscious...but my friend bought them for me. :)

I bought this for my friend.  It's a dinosaur pen - only £1.50!  He's been named Kenningworth.

Whenever I go somewhere I purchase a pencil as a memory.  I did have one from Whipsnade Zoo, but it broke.  So I bought a purple one for me and a black one for my friend.

So that's it!  Thanks for reading!  I have so so so many posts lined up so expect loads coming up. I will leave you with some photos of some animals that I took that day.  I didn't take many at all but here are just a selection...

Byeeeee! xxx

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  1. I love Whipsnade zoo!!