Friday, 23 March 2012

Repurchase Review: Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer

This primer came in the January GlossyBox.  I have previously spent no more than £12 on a primer, and always stuck with the £5 mark as I thought all were the same really.  However, when I got a sample size of this product to try out (full size £29), I was excited as it was more upmarket, and scared that I would love it.  Unfortunately (for my bank balance), I did.  & as GlossyBox gave a discount code for use on the website I snapped up two full-sized boxes.  Ouch.

The primer itself is a dark tan colour, and of a fairly thin consistency.  At first this scared me a little, but it claims to blend into your skin tone.  & I'm also using a bright lilac primer by No.7 at the moment so a skin colour shouldn't scare me too much!

As you can see, a little does go a long way.  It feels super smooth and extremely light, unlike some primers that do feel like an extra skin.  I apply it over my moisturiser before it has totally soaked into my skin.

After blending in, the primer has indeed perfectly matched my skin tone.

I purchased the primer for a dewy finish.  When I looked at my hand closely, there was a sheer sparkley shimmer all over it.  I had never noticed this on my face before.   I also have slighty oily skin, and this doesn't really affect it which is great.  They also do a matte finish version, which is usually my preference but I loved the dewy finish sample so much I decided to stick with it.

The 5ml sample bottle I got in the January box is still going strong after over 2 months of almost everyday use, so really, £29 on a 30ml bottle that will probably last over half a year isn't so bad, right?

Overall, I think this primer is AMAZING.  My foundation lasts all day without fail!  I have also used it under tinted moisturiser with a great result also.  I love a dewy look and this gives it beautifully, even improving my oily skin. 

100% reccommend.

If you tried it from your GlossyBox, what did you think?  I haven't read any raves about it yet!

Til next time folks xxx

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