Tuesday, 13 March 2012

NOTD: H&M stripes.

I bought these three nail polishes a couple of weeks ago (see this HAUL) from H&M for £2.99 for the set of three: Pink Me Up, Beige, and Dark Hot Red.  I have all of the colours as dupes but something about seeing them all together made me want them all as a set...odd and money-wasting, I know.  But I decided to have a little play and make this stripey design.

Do you like them?  

They actually lasted really really well.  I only got two days wear out of them as I have work tomorrow so they have to be removed. :(  I'm going full time soon too - nooooo, no more nail fun! :(

...I got my GlossyBox in the post today!  Post to come tomorrow.

Toodle pip! x


  1. really cute idea! i love those colors together xx
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    1. Thank you! I would never have put them together but they looked perfect in their little box next to each other. x