Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nivea Super Moisturising Lipstick - Big Berry, Oomf conditioner, &

Not that long ago, did an offer for this lipstick for FREE. You didn't have to buy anything else, just pay the £1.99 p&p.  So I jumped at the chance as I'm trying to get into lipstick a bit more.  I was expecting a dark shade but this is in fact a very sheer, very wearable, purple. & OMGILOVEIT.

It is, as the name claims, extremely moisturising.  It goes on extremely smoothly, and does not dry my lips out in the slightest, at all.

The longevity of it is not amazing, eating or drinking will wear it away, but it still lasts a long time.  It doesn't claim to be 'long lasting' anyway, and 'super moisturising' it does to perfection! 

The packaging it a bit of a let down, however I will let them off as Nivea are skincare guru's, and probably not that into making makeup packing look all girly and snazzy...and in all fairness, this matches their other packaging style well.

I am a huge fan of Nivea and use their moisturisers and eye make up remover.  They have not let me down here in the slightest.  I will definitely repurchase Big Berry and look at their other colours.

So, £6.99, get yours HERE - the free code may still work: FreeNiveaLippy

Also, free with every purchase at is a sample of Oomf hair conditioner.  It says it is "extra gutz for fine limp hair" - which is pretty much what I have and I buy all sorts of products to oomf (hahah I didn't even mean to say that in relation to this product) my hair up a bit, so this was a perfect product for me to try out.

The 7ml sachet I thought wasn't really enough as I have fairly long hair.  Also, rinsing it off didn't make me feel any softness so I thought it had done very little.  However, Oomf my fine limp hair up, it sure did!!  I've never had such a great reaction from a volumising conditioner actually.  My hair did seem a lot thicker and fuller.  It didn't soften, but it doesn't claim to do that, so I won't complain.  I would love to repurchase this!  It is not available as a full size product on their website, but I think I'll use their website a lot so I can make do with a free sample every so often until I find a cheap retailer...or any retailer actually!  I can't find it on the internet.


Currently, are offering this MaxFactor foundation worth £13 for 99p + p&p with the code '99pMaxFactor' - give it a go HERE.  I bought quite a lot of stuff with it so will be posting a haul soon. :)

So au revoir lovely readers, I'll update soon! x


  1. Love that lipstick what a great colour for you :)