Saturday, 24 March 2012

March JolieBox

YAY!  I love beauty box arrivals, I do!  This arrived yesterday in the form of a little red card inviting me to the delivery office...I hate that so much.  So I picked it up today.

This is JolieBox's first ever full-size-only box! & here are my opinions...

Now this is a brand I recognise but would never purchase as I don't ever see it advertised in magazines I buy, on websites I visit etc so I don't think it's a product aimed for me.  It retails at around around £4 which isn't bad. I am absolutely distraught (yes, really) however, as the one of three scents that I happened to get by unfortunate chance is lavender which I despise!  I don't think I'll ever use it unless I become very poor and smelly.

I am slightly excited to try this.  It can be used as a facial cleanser, a body conditioner or a hair conditioner.  I've never been too enticed by these multi-purpose products as I wonder how they can be good for every I'll give this freebie a chance.  I think it's around the £10-15 mark in stores, so it's paid for the box.

I saw this and was gutted as it was in a GlossyBox not long ago (Jan box?), and I wasn't that impressed with it.  I received the colour everybody complained about too: powder pink.  I'll give it a go, why not.

Also, I'm a tad baffled.  Above is it next to the other one I own which I have used twice so am pretty 99.9% sure I haven't sharpened.  Not even one sharpening session would reduce the size by that much!  Dodgy length difference, hmmm!  Both claim to be 8g...HMMM.

I adore this colour!  It's a peach but it is almost duochrome with a pink/magenta shimmer to it.  LOVE.  I can't wait to use it!  It's in the colour 'Free Spirit' and costs £5.50.

& this is an extra.  It's a cheaply designed compact mirror that feels very flimsy.  I have spent £1 on mirrors better quality than this. However, I feel that with four full size products, this is an unnecessary nice treat.

JolieBox have now introduced JolieMag.  I haven't read it yet but it looks pretty perfect to me.  Mainly makeup and a bit of fashion.  A couple of interviews etc.  This is mainly what I want when I buy 'More' mag, yet I always have to pay for some celeb news that really doesn't interest me, so this should be a good read for me!

Overall, this box hasn't really excited me like last month's box did.  The only product I'm a bit eeeeeeee about is the nail polish.  I'm gutted about the eyeliner, and the £4 soap isn't wow, is it?  & the mirror...
So, although there are more minusses than plusses in my opinion, I still think it was a good box, with good variety, that I was happy to spend a tenner on.  

What do you think? xxx


  1. I am still waiting for my box to arrive! After seeing this I am defo not looking forward to the box that much anymore!
    I will post on my blog as soon as mine arrives!

    1. I'm looking forward to your post! I'm sorry if I've ruined it for may get better items. But definitely a let down for me. x

  2. I basically got the same box as you except my nail polish was a white shimmery one and I got the eyeliner in grey. I was hoping I'd get the pink one as I wanted to see how it looks on my waterline (suppose to "brighten" eyes apparently...) Will hopefully have my review up soon but I totally agree with you on this's a bit..."meh" really.

    1. Hmm I have owned the same colour eyeliner before (by Benefit - I've forgotten the product name!) and was impressed, but I wasn't impressed with the quality of Eyeko of the green one I own, so we'll see.
      I'll look forward to reading your review x