Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March GlossyBox - The Harrods Edition

The highly anticipated Harrods GlossyBox arrived yesterday for me!  I already knew pretty much was what inside as the contents were leaked with the announcement that it would be a Harrods Box and I didn't try and avoid the spoilers...and already I wasn't that chuffed, so I wasn't expecting wonders.  

Although the white box is my least favourite, I do like the classy Londonesque Harrod's theme to it.  Anyway, here gooooes:

Although I adore the dinky bottle and design, the smell does not float my boat.  It claims to have notes of tiare flower, lime and freesia...but I'm not smelling flowers and lime.

The reviews of this are amazing!  I've just seen all 5 stars whilst trying to find the price of this as a full size product (around the £20+ mark for 200ml).  I used it this morning and it does smell delicious and has left my skin very soft.  Unfortunately, £20-30 on a body butter is a 'NEVER!' for me.

This "helps to reduce the appearance of sagging skin".  GEE.  THANKS GLOSSYBOX!  Again.  It's a shame as these anti-aging creams I keep getting from GlossyBox would be a right treat if I was 10 years older.  I'm only 22.  My mum doesn't use anti-aging stuff (would rather look old and save hundreds of £££) and I feel bad giving it away to my 36-year-old sister who, although she does use anti-aging stuff, she doesn't look her age at all so don't want to worry her by handing her free stuff every month!

I'm most excited about this to be honest.  I was interested in trying the Lancome Teint Idole foundation, so it'll do to try this one.

GlossyBox claimed on their Facebook comments that they picked the shade to send people from their beauty profiles.  So they do read those!? 

Here's another anti-aging cream...I'm more likely to use this for it's firming and toning in wobbly areas maybe?  I'm not sure if it'll work, and I won't be rushing to use it...blah.

So there we go.  Definitely my least favourite GlossyBox: two anti-aging creams, everything aimed at the slightly-older-than-22 age range, and no full size products.  However, as all items are from Harrods and extremely pricey anyway, the £10 was made up.  Just not for me.  I was kind of excited to try the Burberry lipstick and the YSL perfume...oh well!

Au revoir mes amis!


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