Friday, 2 March 2012

February GlossyBox (and a rant!)

I know that this is incredibly late and reasoning behind that will follow in a huh-yooodge(sp?) rant after I go through everything.  I haven't photographed the Dr Bronner Hand Sanitiser that was also in the box as I gave it away before I took pictures.  It felt lovely, and I loved the spray idea...but it smelt of lavender which I really do not like.

This is the lip and cheek stain that everyone wanted and if they didn't receive it, they went a bit mental.  It smells absolutely delicious beyond belief, and it is very pretty.    I haven't tried it out yet to know if it's worth £20...  I put some on my lips and have no result other than very dry lips though.

This product is to hydrate parched hair with natural oils and Awapuhi extract.  This came with no instructions, but I'm looking forward to trying it when I know how as I do have pretty parched hair.

I love black eyeshadow, and I love mineral eyeshadow, so thumbs up to this.  However, most bloggers I've seen got the pink eyeshadow to which their response was "NO WAY am I putting this colour on my eyes" so I dreaded getting it.  Then a few said they used it as a highligher and it looked stunning so I was super hoping to get it and was quite disappointed when I saw this haha.  I will love it anyway.

Shower gel (boooring) by a brand I don't know.  & the smell is vile in my opinion, so I won't be using it.  & it's the type of item you don't want to give away as it looks like I stole it from a hotel room...not that I'm giving away something thats worth about £4 (full size £20 ha!).  

Overall this is my least favourite beauty box I've received.  Nothing excited me, not even the Becca tint. :(  HOWEVER, it was well worth a tenner as everything added up comes to around £34, and if all purchased full size £77!  I'm impressed with that.  & that's the thing about beauty can't always be over the moon.

What did you think of February's GlossyBox?

Don't feel you have to read the following but it must get off my chest...

RANT!!! about GlossyBox
So the reason this box is so late to arrive to me, is because I got an e-mail saying they couldn't take payment from me for the usual reasons such as insufficient funds, card expired, wrong billing address etc etc. and they would try again on two other dates.  I was not the only one, their facebook page was showered with complaints about this.  So, it was clearly their problem, not ours.
Now I sent them e-mails asking them to explain the situation ie. has my payment gone through yet? When would I receive the box?  Would I receive the box at all?  The usual.  They pride themselves on their 48hr-or-less reply time to e-mails - mine were ignored.  All of them.  Not even an e-mail to everyone explaining the situation. No one seemed to know what was going on.
Eventually, 23rd Feb (everyone had their boxes by then) I got an e-mail saying that they'd figured out the problem and payment would be taken on 27th February.  & as gesture of goodwill and apology, they would send the boxes out the following day, before the payment was taken.  I got my box yesterday, 1st March.  Somehow, I think their goodwill was a good lie.
Another thing, when I first subscribed to them, their page said there was a 'first box' for a fiver or something.  & when I went to pay it was the full £10.  I e-mailed them asking to fix this for me, and they explained that in order to get that deal I had to have got to the page through a promotional link.  I should've said it was false advertising as nowhere did it explain that, and demand my £5 box, but I thought a tenner was a deal anyway so I let it slide.
Now this has truly made me want to unsubscribe from GlossyBox.  I love the stuff they put in the boxes and I have repurchased too much haha, but one thing that REALLY pees me off is poor customer service and I work in it so I'm extremely patient!  I just think their lack of customer support and communication is appalling.  All this would've been slipped under the carpet had they been better at it!


  1. the tint looks very pretty !! <3

    1. It is - I think I may wait until the summer to use it though. x

  2. I fully agree with you on the bad customer services side. I don't subscribe to them (I got the feb box for the fact that it was a fiver, but wasn't impressed so unsubbed straight away) but have read some very poor things about their customer service. I also don't like the way that there are a lot of variation boxes. People who get it early to blog about it and hype the box up always seems to get great boxes and then "normal bloggers" seems to get a really mixed bag in my opinion. I won't be re-subbing to Glossybox anytime soon! I can't stand it when companies have bad customer services, there really is no need for it! (Sorry for the rant here! I work in retail and just hate bad customer service! Agh!)

    1. Oh I could go on forever about the 'mixed bag'. At first I thought it was cool as it was still a suprise even if you knew what others got, but it turns out it's just unfair! I'm all for mixing the colours up a bit, but not one box with something worth £20 and another with something worth £2.

      Also GlossyBox hype their boxes up sooo much and then you get them and there's nothing amazing in there :s It's just unfair. Same with saying the 'beauty profile' will help select our boxes - codswallop! I been given anti-aging cream and sensitive skin soap in previous boxes.

      I too work in retail so have the patience of a saint when it comes to other retail workers, but when they don't treat their customers with respect I fly off the handle!

      Ooooh you set me off again....sorry! x

  3. This was much better than my box.... I will be giving most of mine away... i got a Paul M serum for curly hair when I have straight, my mineral eyeshadow was green, something I will never wear! not happy.... Check out my massive 200 follower giveaway, only a few days left to enter:

    1. Oh dear! On their facebook page they said the curly serum works on all hair types...but it's still annoying. What exactly is the point of that beauty profile!? x