Saturday, 31 March 2012

MASSIVE HAUL: Boots, Superdrug, Primark, Lush, Ebay

Hello!  I'm haven't blogged for a while as I had my birthday on Wednesday :D  I had a fantastic night out with work friends, and I had a meal today with some uni friends so my birthday has only really just ended. :)

I have bought SO SO much recently that I could do such a massive haul it would be ridiculous.  Also, due to my massive spending spees at the moment, hauls will be very limited from now I may as well save some stuff up to do some extra haul posts with.  So, this is what I bought over a few days a couple of weeks ago.

I bought my first ever China Glaze off eBay HERE.  I haven't used it yet, but the colour looks absolutely stunning (in my opinion)!

All of these were from Boots at around the £2.50-£3 mark.  I've only worn the pink ones so far but got lots of compliments on them. :)  I think the colour of the coral ones is sooo flipping pretty.  Those and the shell ones will be fantastic for summer!

I bought this with my No.7 voucher so it was £12 reduced to £8 (I think).  I ADORE the colour beyond belief and it lasts ever so well.  Definitely a new everyday favourite.  I really hope it's not limited edition...does anyone know?

With my other No.7 voucher I bought this.  It feels absolutely dry as you spray it onto the skin but when you rub it in you realise it isn't dry - very deceptive!  I do really enjoy using it though and it does the job.  I'd definitely repurchase.  As this was so long ago, I don't remember the price....£9 mark? without the voucher.  I reccommend!

Boots were also doing a tights sale.  All of them were around the 63p mark.  I bought two of the top flowery designs as I love tights like that, some with a glittery sparkle to them, and then some with tiny white polka dots.  Amazing money saver there, I think!

As you all probably know about Boot's 3-for-2 deal on nearly EVERYTHING, I decided to purchase some velcro ceramic rollers.  The super large and the super tiny were £7.99 and the medium size were £5.99.  Very expensive but I really wanted to try them out, and good ones.  I got lots of compliments when I did my hair with them...however, I did feel a bit like a lion.  I've only used them the once so far.

I bought some long hair grips to hold them in, and I'm glad I did!  The velcro did nothing to keep my hair in place.  They were around the £1.50 mark.

I jumped on the bandwagon as soon as possible with these as I was super excited about the two colours I bought, and I'm never one to be first at anything haha.  I'll do a review soon, I think.  I bought these in the 3-for-2 deal too...

...with this.  I'm loving pink nail varnishes at the moment, and I couldn't resist this.

GOSH do a sale in a lot of Superdrug's I've been in (*cough*two*cough*) with what I think are discontinued colours.  So I picked up four lipsticks for £3 each.

I thought this may be more pigmented, but it is actually a clear gloss with a slight iridescence which I had to capture in a certain light.  It may be more of a lipstick topper.  I can't remember the price...maybe £2.

I just had to purhcase this after I bought those earrings above (you so know the ones).  £1.50 I think.

I really want a silver cream eyeshadow, but when I saw this for £1 I thought I'd give it a go.  It's not as pigmented as I'd like and it doesn't build up well at all. Oh well!

I wasn't excited when these became the new craze, but I've just recently started wearing lipstick and I suddenly realise why everyone loves these lip scrubs!!  Amazing invention, and tastes lovely too!

Diss this eyeshadow and I'll diss you!  IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!  When I was in London I finally found my first MUA stand and walked away with only this...I'm so proud of myself.  BUT LOOK AT THAT COLOUR.

I already owned the Fanta one, and loved it so I bought these three that were in Primark for £1 each.  I love them!

These were from Primark also.  The pink and purple were a set, and the green and white were a set, £2 each.  I really like them. :)

I haven't had chance to wear these yet what with the warm weather that started the day after I bought them.  For £2 I thought they were a bargain, as I already use grey knee length socks folded over my boots as 'toppers' so these are a snazzier version.

& last but not least, I bought this top for £4.  I'm really into sugar skulls, I think they're lovely.  So I thought this top had my name written all over it.  Yay.

SO, I apologise for the extreeeemly long haul.  Was it too long?  If you want reviews of anything, let me know.  I have reviews, notd, hauls etc. coming up :)

Lots of love, and byzee byes xxx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Scrabble necklace from Ebay

 £3.50 + £1.00 p&p

I bought this necklace off Ebay not long ago, so I thought I'd let you know about it.  Scrabble jewellery has never really excited me, but this one did.  I think it's the little flower on top and the delicate gold chain.  It is fantastic quality.  & I adore the box it came in - such a nice touch!  So many ebayers just fling jewellery in a plastic sachet bag, or just in a jiffy bag which isn't a big deal, but when you do get the odd seller who goes that extra mile, it's lovely.

CLICK HERE to check it out.  The seller is currently away until 5th June, but if you type in 'scrabble necklace' you can find flowery ones like this...but they don't look as nice!

That's all.  Night night lovely people xxx

PS: I'm now on hellocotton: add me here.  I'm loving it!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

March JolieBox

YAY!  I love beauty box arrivals, I do!  This arrived yesterday in the form of a little red card inviting me to the delivery office...I hate that so much.  So I picked it up today.

This is JolieBox's first ever full-size-only box! & here are my opinions...

Now this is a brand I recognise but would never purchase as I don't ever see it advertised in magazines I buy, on websites I visit etc so I don't think it's a product aimed for me.  It retails at around around £4 which isn't bad. I am absolutely distraught (yes, really) however, as the one of three scents that I happened to get by unfortunate chance is lavender which I despise!  I don't think I'll ever use it unless I become very poor and smelly.

I am slightly excited to try this.  It can be used as a facial cleanser, a body conditioner or a hair conditioner.  I've never been too enticed by these multi-purpose products as I wonder how they can be good for every I'll give this freebie a chance.  I think it's around the £10-15 mark in stores, so it's paid for the box.

I saw this and was gutted as it was in a GlossyBox not long ago (Jan box?), and I wasn't that impressed with it.  I received the colour everybody complained about too: powder pink.  I'll give it a go, why not.

Also, I'm a tad baffled.  Above is it next to the other one I own which I have used twice so am pretty 99.9% sure I haven't sharpened.  Not even one sharpening session would reduce the size by that much!  Dodgy length difference, hmmm!  Both claim to be 8g...HMMM.

I adore this colour!  It's a peach but it is almost duochrome with a pink/magenta shimmer to it.  LOVE.  I can't wait to use it!  It's in the colour 'Free Spirit' and costs £5.50.

& this is an extra.  It's a cheaply designed compact mirror that feels very flimsy.  I have spent £1 on mirrors better quality than this. However, I feel that with four full size products, this is an unnecessary nice treat.

JolieBox have now introduced JolieMag.  I haven't read it yet but it looks pretty perfect to me.  Mainly makeup and a bit of fashion.  A couple of interviews etc.  This is mainly what I want when I buy 'More' mag, yet I always have to pay for some celeb news that really doesn't interest me, so this should be a good read for me!

Overall, this box hasn't really excited me like last month's box did.  The only product I'm a bit eeeeeeee about is the nail polish.  I'm gutted about the eyeliner, and the £4 soap isn't wow, is it?  & the mirror...
So, although there are more minusses than plusses in my opinion, I still think it was a good box, with good variety, that I was happy to spend a tenner on.  

What do you think? xxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Repurchase Review: Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer

This primer came in the January GlossyBox.  I have previously spent no more than £12 on a primer, and always stuck with the £5 mark as I thought all were the same really.  However, when I got a sample size of this product to try out (full size £29), I was excited as it was more upmarket, and scared that I would love it.  Unfortunately (for my bank balance), I did.  & as GlossyBox gave a discount code for use on the website I snapped up two full-sized boxes.  Ouch.

The primer itself is a dark tan colour, and of a fairly thin consistency.  At first this scared me a little, but it claims to blend into your skin tone.  & I'm also using a bright lilac primer by No.7 at the moment so a skin colour shouldn't scare me too much!

As you can see, a little does go a long way.  It feels super smooth and extremely light, unlike some primers that do feel like an extra skin.  I apply it over my moisturiser before it has totally soaked into my skin.

After blending in, the primer has indeed perfectly matched my skin tone.

I purchased the primer for a dewy finish.  When I looked at my hand closely, there was a sheer sparkley shimmer all over it.  I had never noticed this on my face before.   I also have slighty oily skin, and this doesn't really affect it which is great.  They also do a matte finish version, which is usually my preference but I loved the dewy finish sample so much I decided to stick with it.

The 5ml sample bottle I got in the January box is still going strong after over 2 months of almost everyday use, so really, £29 on a 30ml bottle that will probably last over half a year isn't so bad, right?

Overall, I think this primer is AMAZING.  My foundation lasts all day without fail!  I have also used it under tinted moisturiser with a great result also.  I love a dewy look and this gives it beautifully, even improving my oily skin. 

100% reccommend.

If you tried it from your GlossyBox, what did you think?  I haven't read any raves about it yet!

Til next time folks xxx

Monday, 19 March 2012 HAUL!

The  other day I went a bit mental on as they were selling a MaxFactor foundation for 99p and they were doing a 3-for-2 offer for Mother's Day (the offer's still on) here are my purchases:

99p (RRP £13)
They only did shade 'Toffee' which looked a LOT lighter on the website so I thought I may wear it with fake tan toned down maybe...but it's for proper dark skin so I'll plonk it on ebay.

£1 each
My job involves just standing and walking around for 10 hour shifts, so my feet have become pretty manky.  I really want to try the Soap&Glory foot thingy, but I thought I'd give myself some pampering with a cheaper option first.  I love the packaging!  They also did a foot soak.
This is a nail strengthener/clear varnish and I put it on straight away and IT'S AMAZING.  I'll do a post raving about it.

£4.99 (RRP £9.99)
Sienna Miller uses this, so I thought I'd give it a go as it is getting sunnier, and my super pale complexion will need hiding at some point soon.

£4.99 for all three (RRP £12)
How gorgeous are these colours!?  On the website they looked pretty dull. I think I'm right in saying they're the new Street Wear collection from Revlon as I've seen an old lot that was glittery.  These are beautiful duochrome colours: nude and lilac, slate grey and lilac, and black and blue.  I can't wait to try these out!  YAY.


I thought £4.99 for a palette of very wearable colours was a bargain.  The quality isn't amazing (I'm talking about the black one there really), but the pigmentation is pretty good.  They'll be fun to play around with and experiment with new looks.

And with every order from their website you get a free sample of this conditioner.  I loved it the first time I tried it so will continue searching for a full size bottle.

So that's everything.  I definitely reccommend checking out  They have some fantastic offers all the time like free lipstick and 99p foundation, all their products are super cheap.  Sign up to their newsletter at least!  

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Byeeeeee! xxx