Friday, 24 February 2012

BarryM Bold Black waterproof eyeliner

I went to watch 'The Vow' the other day, and after the film we planned to spend the day in Maidstone, have dinner etc.  As I knew it was a cry-uncontrollably film, I planned to take my eye makeup to reapply after the film as there was a long day ahead.  However, I forgot it so emergency eyeliner purchase was needed.  I planned to just buy the cheapest one I could find as I have too many eyeliners as it is.  However, my eyes then fell across this:
I know the photo isn't all that clear, but it does state that it's waterproof.  Waterproof, trustworthy Barry M, £2.49....couldn't go wrong.

SO, I decided to apply this waterproof mascara before the film, as you would.  It went on JET BLACK!!  Too black, really!  The black eyeliner of my metal-goth-wannabe-teenage self's dreams.  It went on incredibly softly and easily too.  I know my black pencil eyeliners and I have never seen anything so intense!

As predicted I was sobbing throughout the film.  I was dabbing at my eyes constantly.  Waterproof or not, this would be a messy result.

The film finished and I ran to the loos.  NOT A SMUDGE.  & not a chance of it fading a smidgen.

Every girl needs this in their life.

Have you seen 'The Vow'?  What did you think?



  1. Loooks like a great eyeliner!
    does it come in other colours?

    1. I don't believe it does...which is a shame as I love my browns. Maybe they'll introduce some new ones. I'm not sure how long this one has been out x

  2. Wow iv'e not seen this before, looks amazing!I need one :) and no, iv'e not seen the vow, was it good yeah?

    1. It really is amazing!
      Yeah, it was really good. It made me really sad though. I'm a sucker for sad love films! x